In Loving Memory

Canterbury Taylor Made of Gold UDX5, JH, VC, CCA, CGC (Taylor) owned by Brenda Verderosa 12/10/2000-2/15/2012 owned and loved by Brenda Verderosa

Det. Sgt. Wm. G. Wagner Jr (Sarge) owned by Buddy Wagner 9-7-07 died 7-24-15. Gone to soon

McMullin of Merrywood CDX, SH, WCX (Mullins) owned by Freya Stein 8/12/2001 to 9/30/16

Gemstar ' s Celestial Navigator CGC (Beacon) owned by Mary Jane Malko 10/7/2001 to 3/24/2016 owned and loved by Mary Jane Malko

Goldrul ' s Merimaur Kentuc ' key Derby CD RN (Brody) owned by Daniell Donovan 2/5/2009 to 1/27/2017 owned and loved by Danielle Donavan

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