Obedience trials are rewarding activities for both dog and handler. Even the names at each level of competition reflect the working bond between the dog and its handler:

The crowning achievement for an obedience dog is the Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) title. To win this title a dog must have won:

First places must be awarded by 3 different judges. Must be at all-breed events. 
One of the required first places may have been won at a Specialty Show. Open B must have 6 in competition. Utility must have 3 in competition.

The objective of obedience is to produce dogs that are trained to behave in the home, in public and in the company of other dogs.

A well behaved dog is a credit to the sport of obedience at all times and under all conditions.

The lessons learned in obedience carry over into the other activities where ever dogs are together. The basic rules of courtesy apply to both dog and handler. An obedient dog will remain quietly by its handler and a courteous handler will keep the dog controlled in a professional manner.

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